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We provide customized solutions in:-

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Logo Designing

3D Designing

Personal Website for professionals

Customized Website design

Real-Estate website development

E-commerce based System

Online store development

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Database Driven Website

Online Community Development

Corporate Website Development

Search Engine friendly website

Inventory Management Software

Sales & Purchase Management Software

HR and Payroll Management Software

Attendance Management Software

GT OCDS 2013

Hotel Management Software

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CRM solutions

iPhone Applications

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Cloud Computing Solutions

Security solutions

Auto cad and multimedia Design

Infrastructural plans & design


e-Commerce Based Web Design

eCommerce refers to  conducting financial transactions over the Internet. This is a cost effective  way of promoting your business, generating extra profits and delivering better services to your customers.

Our Professional eCommerce web design solution includes effective product presentation and assures a pleasant user experience for a prospective customer thus coming up with a unique eCommerce web site Design.

Our eCommerce software solutions include the following:228913c6dc6065e47e9a9b0709561d7a_responsive-web-design-for-ecommerce-website-863-430-c

  • Custom eCommerce Web site design
  • Shopping Cart Software Solution
  • Database driven product catalogs
  • Customer's section with registration, product information, product search and order processing (shopping cart)
  • Administrator's section with access to order and product management, file upload, discount algorithms and special offers, shipping and sales tax settings
  • Payment Gateway Integration and Credit Card Processing Solutions
  • Online Quotation System
  • Content Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management System

We focus on each customer as an individual entity, and design sites tailor made to the client's business requirements. As a result, we create successful internal, business-to-business, and retail web sites focused on maximizing profit for businesses.

Our years of experience as an expert in the field of eCommerce software solutions guarantees you a successful eCommerce web site design. We have the undisputed reputation to develop easy-to-use eCommerce solution that offers all the functionalities you need, including entry-level catalogue, shopping cart software and real-time transaction processing, custom shipping tables and support for instant payment gateway solutions.

We offer Open Source eCommerce solutions based on the popular eCommerce engines such as osCommerce, zencart, xcart that not only helps in the administration of your  backend application setup, as well as extending a unique user experience. Our preferred solution which is based around osCommerce is fast becoming the most popular PHP based eCommerce
in use.

A fully-functional PHP based open source shopping cart software can easily be integrated into your eCommerce website design including your ecommerce store for a lower overall cost.

Our team of professional designersweb developers and internet marketers has the proficiency in developing personalized eCommerce solutions that are cost-effective and will assist in bringing tremendous earnings to your company. Acmmos can also facilitate you with an integrated full content management system that will require no HTML or programming acquaintance to maneuver and administer your ecommerce website.

So whether you are a recognized online vendor or initiating a new business venture, Acmmos provides the foundation for successful online eCommerce marketing.

Web Design & Development

We're specialized in developing website's that work. We've the proven experience and expertise in designing website that succeed by bringing in enquiries, which generate sales and are an asset to your business. As a website design company we offer a full-circle approach in website design & web development where the actual web designing effort covers only 40% of the entire project pie; our website designing services covers strategic planning, business intelligence, creative, application development, product / service promotion & solution maintenance. Most of our time goes in understanding your business objectives, defining the problem and finally designing the best possible solution. Your website can offer you the best return for your investment, if done correctly.

We understand the very company has a unique requirement when it comes to web designing. Where our responsibility is to project that uniqueness and make the website stand out from its competition. Unlike a run-of-the-mill website
designing we make it a point to deliver a distinctive look to your website. Our
web designing experts ensures that your website is search engine friendly,
aesthetically appealing and user friendly. The quality of our client's accounts set us apart from our competitors and establishes our domain supremacy in India. This also helps us in achieving higher number of global orders in the advantage India scenario at the age of offshore outsourcing.

Our engagement can add value at any stage of a lifecycle:

  • Designing of a new  website
  • Redesign or revamping of an  existing website
  • Maintenance & management of an existing website

As a web design company we offer complete web design solutions, where our clients are benefited to have all reciprocal solutions under a single umbrella. Our website development company is capable of providing high quality; cost-effective; mission-critical web designing company. At this knowledge age, knowledge is the key and our knowledge base in latest web designing technologies, search engine algorithm, global web designing practices etc makes the end product contemporary anstrategyd futuristic.

Web Design Services include:

  • Need Analysis & RFP creation
  • Solution Designing & Creative Story Boarding
  • Website Content Planning & Drafting
  • Product Photography
  • Graphic Designing
  • Banner Deigning
  • Intro page designing (If needed)
  • Designing Flash Intros & Animations
  • HTML Coding & Java Scripting

We deliver neat, easy-to-use and business friendly website designing, a web site
that drives customers into it. In the domain of website design we have served
almost every segment of the industry. Our website designing experts ensures each quality parameter such as easy-navigation, overall consistency and content
quality within the time-frame and budget. We always ensure that our clients are
delighted with our web designing services and return to us time after time.

Website Redesign

Have your business grown exponentially over the time since you launched your website?

Does your website have content that would have made sense 5 years back but not now?

Have your target audience changed?

Do you feel your website fails to reflect your brand and business objectives?web-design-e1406206426200

If the answer of any of these questions is 'yes', then it is the time to get your website redesigned. Redesigning a website is not just about revamping its look and feel. Rather, it goes beyond and aims to maximize the performance of the website as well. Here are some reasons why you should consider redesigning your website.

Matching up with New Trends & Technologies as Trends and Technology
on the World Wide Web evolve faster than anything. Something that was new
yesterday can be outdated today. And in these circumstances, it doesn't take
much time for a website to start looking old.

Keeping pace with Business Expansion as With time your business grows and expands and a website that you created in the formative years would not be able to reflect your present status in the industry.

Better User Experience as With website redesigning services, you can ncorporate new tools and features on your website that will make it easier to maintain the website and also enrich the user experience of your audiences.

Establishing a strong Customer Base as Internet users are much more likely to make a purchase and part from their money on a professional looking website than one that looks like it has been just out together clumsily. Website redesign services can uplift the look and feel of your website and increase your credibility thus establishing a strong customer base.

Being on Top of Search Engine Results your Search engines play a crucial role in determining the online success of a website. However, with their constant updates and revision of rules, it is difficult to stay on the top of search engine results if your website doesn't accommodate them.

Our Approach towards re-designing your website, we offers superior and cost
effective website redesign services that cater to all your needs and requirements from the site. Our website redesign services aim to uplift the look
and feel of the website and make it perform well so that it ranks well in the
search engines and helps you reach out to your target audiences and at the same point of time ensure that your website complies to the latest web standards. We can either change bits and parts that you want to alter on your website or revamp the entire website.

We follow a 3 step process

Step I -  Analysis

We browse through your existing website and analyze it from various aspects. We take a look at the overall design of the website and examine it on the principles of functionality, accessibility and usability. The navigation system of the website is checked on the same lines. Some of the other  elements that are examined are images and graphics, content and the website's performance in the search engine results.

We evaluate the pros and cons of the existing website and prepare a course of action for website redesign where the good points need to be preserved and the bad points need to be worked upon.

Step II - Client Interaction

We sit with our clients for a discussion. We convey the results of our examination of the website and present to them our plan of action and in turn listen to them about their feedback on the same. The clients inform us about any specific requirements they have. Based on this discussion, the final course of action is drafted out. This is the step where all the milestones of the project are defined. Our aim to maintain a high level of communication where there is total transparency between what we have to offer and what the clients want from the project.

Step III - Redesign Process

Based on all the evaluations and subsequent discussions, the website redesign process is carried out by our efficient team of web developers and web designers. Both the team work in close coordination with one another so that the website has perfect balance between its visual appeal and functionality.

So do you think your website needs a re-design? If yes, click here and let our experts expedite it for you.

Website Maintenance

Creating a website is one thing, but maintaining it is another. It is not enough to1
design and develop a website and place it on the World Wide Web. Yes, you would have an online presence but you would have 'only' an online presence.

If you want to have a successful web presence and make sure your website achieves its prime goals and objectives, it is important that you maintain it well and keep it up to date. Only if you keep it updated, will your visitors keep coming back.

Our website maintenance package enables us to manage your site while you get on with your business! Once your website is launched we undertake a whole range of key activities to accomplish the following sort of mainstream website maintenance activities:


  • Updating content of informational pages,
  • Adding new pages to the website
  • Optimizing pages of the website for search engines
  • Adding new dynamic features to the website
  • Developing tools to generate reports to monitor site progress
  • Changing design templates of the website
  • Adding new interactive components to the website


and there are many more...

After the site has been developed and we begin the maintenance process. Our team goes about understanding the likings and the business model of the client. This allows us to think of new features that could be added to the website to increase the number of visitors. We then discuss these ideas with our clients and a brainstorming session follows. We then implement these changes to the website. This increases the number of hits to the website and supports the marketing drive.

Often a client has a website already developed by some other vendor. However, due to some or the other reason, they wish to change the service provider. They therefore contact us to incorporate certain changes or bring about enhancements to their website. We put such tasks under 'Website Maintenance'. Initially we invest our time to understand how the site is developed and around what business model it revolves. Once we have ascertained this it enters the regular process of website maintenance.

Designing & developing a website, maintaining a website, optimizing a website for search engines and acting as a consultant for our clients, makes us proudly say that we are "ONE STOP SHOP" for all the web related needs of our clients.

Web Based Application Development

We develop custom based Web Applications across a wide range of technology platforms to ensure successful implementation of your business strategies and enhancement of your operational excellence.

Some of the key benefits of Web Based Applications are Graphical User Interface (GUI), access from anywhere, cost effective and cross platform support. Our web application developers build secure, robust web applications ranging from Open Source Web Applications to Microsoft Web Applications and deliver a solution that is best suited to your business model.

In addition to our customized Web Application Development; we provide an array of web designing and development services to our clients across the globe. We understand that each organization has its own special needs and thus the aim for us is to build a solution that fits best.

We offer following Web application development Services:



  • Web Application Consultation
  • Web Application Development
  • Application Migration
  • Web Application Design
  • Web 2.0 Application
  • Web Database Application
  • ASP Web Application
  • Open Source Web Application
  • AJAX Web Application
  • Microsoft Web Application


Database Driven Web Development

We are premier web database design company, providing specialized web database development services to business of all types and sizes. Our clients comprise companies from all across the globe, thus giving us a vast array of experience. We recognize the importance of managing data accurately and on a regular basis, and will create the tools you need to more effectively manage your business.

Website database management poses tremendous benefits to its end users such as:

  • Better integrity of data.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs.
  • Minimized data inconsistency.
  • Fast and easy access to information.

Our team of web database developers devotes their efforts and energy to develop state-of-the-art website database designs for our clients. Your visions will be turned into realities! We will work to provide you with the best web database application at a very affordable cost.

A well developed website database design ensures an efficient mechanism to store data about your products/services. Effective collection, storage and retrieval of data a


re important for greater management and profits.

After conducting an extensive web database review our team of experts design appropriate database application management tools based on your requirements. We have developed web database designs that are flexible and can adjust to your evolving organization as need be. Acmmos utilizes various software including, MYSQL database application, SQL database application, MS Access and Visual FoxPro.

Contact us to learn more about this essential service and ask for a free
quote for your project now!